SLAVEN Hollywood actor Mark Wahlberg is a real model for exercise.

Everyday captures his hard workouts and shares them with his companions, and in Ellen DeGeneres’s show, he also discovered a body cooling strategy after exercise.

The actor recovers in the cryotherapy chamber, in his case at 100 degrees below zero. Dressed in a mask, gloves, socks, cap and underwear, Wahlberg is walking and listening to music in these extreme conditions for about three minutes as much as the maximum allowable time.

He said there is another facility in Ohio that offers cryotherapy and tried it, but he was so cold that he had to protect his nipples before entering the chamber.

Always curious DeGeneres asked him how his intimate body parts responded to such a low temperature.

” It’s a little shabby. It’s good to get back to normal, “Wahlberg replied, adding that coldness reduced inflammation and improved sleep.

The muscular actor released a video on Wednesday that compensates for energy after training at 3:45 am. He found out he had eaten all that day, including meatballs at 20 o’clock and chicken with olives two and a half hours later.

“I do not play more basketball because I do not want to kick my ankle and miss a movie or golf,” he said.

“I’m training on a device like the one you climb stairs twice a day and skip the rope. If I wake up at 3:30, I can go to golf at 6:30 am ending up to 8:30. Then I go home and do the rest of my duties: I work with a psychotherapist, I have treatments, I go to cryo chamber, “he described his daily ritual.

Although it has a specific and individual approach, it still strives to inspire its fans.

“The only way to do your best is to keep working as if you have nothing. Be more aggressive, focus more and more. I do not know. I have more desire now than ever, “he concluded.