IVANKA Trump described himself as a hedonist when it comes to nutrition. She was saying she inherited it from her father, but after becoming a mother, she changed habits.

In 2016, she said she was eating a teenager before her pregnancy.

“I’ve eaten the carbohydrates three times a day, usually in the form of pasta or pizza. I slowly started to enjoy healthier options. Now, healthy food is something quite normal, especially for breakfast and lunch, “said the daughter of US President Donald Trump.

Advantage always gives salmon, chicken, salads and vegetable soups and avoids green juices.

“The diet tempted me with the help of juice, and it was a complete disaster. It lasted eight hours, and I felt like I was starving, “she explained.

Ivanka Trump avoids processed carbohydrates and focuses on whole grains and oats. She found that both she and the kids had breakfast options for two options: Greek yoghurt and berry fruit or delicious juice.

“If they choose oatmeal, I add herb seeds, berry fruit, goji berries, nuts and almonds to her. They additionally decorate themselves, “she said.

The day begins with a glass of lemon water and pours out a large cup of coffee.

“Drinking lemon water at any time of the day helps you get better health. Lemon acid acts positively on digestion and helps remove gastrointestinal disturbances, “said diet nutritionist Ashley Koff.

Ivanka Trump gets up at 5:30 to practice and meditate.

“I like to fully prepare for the day before the children get up so I can fully focus on them,” she told My Morning Routine.

Exercise in the gym that is in the building where he lives and routines are kept even when traveling.

“Meditation is the most important thing in the day. Meditate for 20 minutes, ideally twice a day. Sometimes I do not get in the afternoon, but in the morning I never avoid it. It has an incredible impact on my nerves that soothe and for that reason I think more clearly, “she said.

Practice and yoga, and sometimes exercises that are a combination of yoga, pilates, dance and meditation. Running and cycling. He says he works on the whole body, not just in some parts.

“Working just the belly is like drinking a diary-boiled drink with burgers and potatoes. There is no best exercise or spell for an amazing body shape, ” she says.