SLIGHT actress Jada Pinkett Smith has demonstrated that exercises can perform anywhere and you do not need a gym.

The 47-year-old has released a video showing how challenging it can be for home-based training, which you do not need any extra equipment.

Dressed in a black sports kit, Jada Pinkett Smith performs most of these exercises, so she defies gravity.

” Try! This is a great routine and you do not need a gym, “she advised the attendants.

The popular trainer Jeanette Jenkins conceived the exercises demonstrated by the celebrity actress.

“My entire core and upper body were painful three days after this. You can do it too! Have fun, “she added.

In addition to being a fitness enthusiast, her 64-year-old mother, Adrienne Banfield-Jones, is also enviable, and their joint training is often accompanied by 17-year-old Willow, daughter Jade Pinkett Smith and Will Smith.