JENNA Dewan, an actress, a dancer and a former model, has always been in great shape. Now she has decided to make it clear to everyone that this is a result of hard work that is consistent even on travel. Training.

By posting a video in the exercise in the hotel room, she showed her routine.

“Sometimes a fast training is all I have time to do,” she wrote in an accelerated recording of a series of five different exercises through five repetitions.

When not traveling, exercise differently.

“I want to build my muscles so I can raise my daughter. I want to feel strong and good, “she told Women’s Health magazine.

He is also engaged in jazz dance, but attending dance training Jennifer Johnson.

“She’s a beast. It’s fun, sexy and terribly tiring, “Jenna explained.

The first 15 minutes of such a training are reserved for cardio exercises followed by hip hop songs.

“I’m following her choreography or dancing all the time,” Jenna revealed.

Then follow the exercises using the resistance strap or the weights on the ankles. They work squatting, kicking, exercising their belly, and they all follow different types of planks.