Jenna Jameson

Founder of keto diet, how her fans call her – Jenna Jameson, made a profile on Instagram that will dedicate exactly to this content.

On a new profile, in no more than two days, he collected more than three thousand followers and called it @ketocantlose.

So far he has published a breakfast idea in which he enjoys with daughter Batel Lu. She prepared eggs with sour cream on crunchy salads.

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In the second post she gave the idea of a quick lunch for all the employees. The already finished Teriyaki chicken adds the sauce and thus gets a tasty lunch or dinner.

The link can also be seen on the site at, which means that Jameson will soon start publishing information for everyone interested in the ketogenic child.

She struggled with excess weight and in April she started practicing ketogenic diet with occasional post. She was 36 kilograms low and now she is trying to fix her body.

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#mondaymotivation So I thought I’d do an updated menu Here is an example of what I eat in the day on #keto I wake at 8 am and have a cup of regular coffee with stevia and sugar free Italian sweet cream creamer. I then wait until 11 am to eat breakfast. I have hard boiled eggs prepared already in my fridge so I peel three, cut a full avocado add it together and sprinkle with “everything but the bagel” seasoning. At around 2 pm I start to feel hungry again so I cook a steak in a pan with avocado oil, serve it over arugula. Also remember, I eat kosher so I don’t eat dairy and meat together, but you should feel welcome to! At around 4 I snack on cottage cheese, about a cup. At 5 I prepare salmon in the oven with lemon butter and dill. I like to pair it with asparagus or broccoli. I #intermittentfast from 6pm-11am I drink water while fasting and also tea if I feel like it. I feel satisfied and full, with no need for snacks or candy. I take a prenatal vitamin daily for those wondering 🥰 Also remember I am breastfeeding still, so if I feel hungry, I EAT!!!! I find that staying away from keto breads and snacks help me lose weight. I recommend sticking to whole organic foods and you will see the weight drop off. Remember my friend, losing weight isn’t easy, it’s a challenge. Push past your fear of failing and make the change! Love you! #beforeandafter #weightlossjourney #weightlosstransformation #ketodiet

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“I can wear white jeans again, and that was my goal,” said an ex-actress, known for her role in adult films, which advised beginners and published her progress on her private profile.