Jennifer Lawrence always looks healthy and in good shape. Many are interested in answering the question of how she does it because she has several times stated she does not care too much about eating.

“I’m not strict when it comes to nutrition. If I want a pizza, I’ll eat it. However, I practice more than normal, so I look like I look and that’s why my clothes are like that, ” revealed for the Vogue magazine.

“It’s an extra pressure to look and feel good. It is easier for me to put extra effort into the gym than to refrain from food, ” explained.

In 2012, celebrity actress Elle has admitted she has never starved for her role.

“I did not want other girls to say they want to look like me and skip supper. It is something I’m aware of, and the look needs to be achieved by exercising. I want my body to be fit and very, and not thin and naughty. “

One time, however, she felt hungry and disciplined about the job. She was pressured and was on a diet because of the role of the former Russian Red Bull Ballerina.

“I can not play a former ballerina, so I do not feel that way. I was ruined after I had just eaten dried bananas. I can not work on a diet. I’m hungry. I stand and need more energy, “she told the Vanity Fair this year.