junk food

Everybody knows that healthy eating is the key to health, but how much is it harmful to feed unhealthy and eat junk food? More than smoking cigarettes, says research.

Scientists have explored how unhealthy the diet is bad for health for the release of a new global health report.

“Nutrition is the leading risk of mortality in the world. It is located in front of the air and smoking pollution. What we eat is killing us, and something has to be done, “says researcher Jessica Fanzo.

As the leading cause of poor nutrition, the authors cite the lack of information and lack of money and estimate that malnutrition could cost the world $ 3.5 trillion a year, and due to weight problems, another 500 billion dollars can be collected.

“Every year, more than half of all fruits and vegetables produced are destroyed,” says Sir John Bedington of the Global Agriculture and Food Council.

Fanzo adds that nutrition is essential for immunity and for maintaining brain health.

“You have to worry about what people eat if you want to build the intellect of your country,” she said.