The actress CANCEL has given birth to a third child, daughter Rani Rose, just two weeks ago, and is already looking forward to returning pilates classes.

She shared a photo of her stomach ulcer in a pilates studio.

“Exercise and Position,” she wrote and added a label revealing she could not wait for a return to the trainings.

Hudson also worked in pregnancy, but not with her usual intensity, but she chose simpler exercises that lessened her less.

“The stakes are higher because it’s no longer about you, but about the creature that grows in you, which I’m currently talking about to slow down,” said an actress for the People magazine in May.

“That’s why I’m walking a lot. I also practiced prenatal yoga in which I enjoy and I have not tried it in my previous pregnancies. This is the first time and it is excellent, but it is being performed slowly, “she explained.

Pilates has discovered at age 19 and since then has been exercising regularly.

“It’s a type of exercise that my body really reacts to. I feel stronger. Pilates is always challenging. Steep movements are unbelievable but demanding, “she said.