The REALITY star apologised after being charged with promoting an eating disorder.

In July, he distributed several Instagram stories in which he shot from happiness after her sisters Khloe Kardashian and Kendall Jenner complimented because she looked “skinny” and “anorexic”. He later boasted of his weight of 54 kilograms.

“When I look back, I fully understand why people have been angry. My intent was not to offend anyone, and I apologise if anyone felt that way. I know that people have serious eating disorders that they spend 15 years in hospitals, I know such a close person. So I did some way. I have experience, and I could get better, “she told Ashley Graham’s Pretty Big Deal podcast.

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3 ways

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She says he had fun with the sisters and did not even think about how it would sound.

“We laughed and joked, were loud and, I do not know, sometimes it does, and it was painless, and I was not intentional. My fans and those who watched it gave support to statements that we should not have said it but understand what we were thinking, “she added.

The mother of three children found that six days a week all year long she worked hard to lose ten kilograms, and her mother was worried about Kris Jenner.

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🔫 super soaker 🔫

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“Maybe a month ago Mom pulled me into the bathroom and told me she had to talk to me. She asked me what I was doing, what was going on. She did not know how to lose weight and wondered if I was fine. I changed my diet and started exercising, “explained the reality star.

Now she says she feels healthy, very strong and confident.