AFTER she has lost ten kilograms, Kim Kardashian West slowly reveals details of the diet and exercises that helped her.

The Reality star in the Instagram story has shown that the training focuses mostly on the legs and the back, and her routine includes four sets of 15 squats, four sets of 20 chansons with 15-strong Russian bells, and four sets of 30 thrust hips.

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Thinking about you…

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In the second video Kim Kardashian West discovered that her mother Kris Jenner also asked for advice.

“She tried to steal my diet plan and coach,” she wrote.

Kim is exercising with the bodybuilder Melissa Alcantara by hour to hour and a half every day for a year.

“I did not see results right away, but I was consistent and eventually came up,” Alcantara said.

As far as diet is concerned, the reality star Kim Kardashian West has completely thrown out the sugar and is trying to feed it healthy.

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Cupcake Kimmy

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“I do not eat sugar as before. Now I eat a lot healthier than before. I was eating and enjoying everything, and now I’m controlling it, “Kim said.

According to Coach’s statement, Kim Kardashian West practices six days a week at 6 am. It is focused on exercises for specific body parts, most of the shoulders, biceps and triceps, chest and back, and dedicates three days to the legs and the buttocks. Sometimes they include cardio training, which are short exercises of high intensity or longer walks of reduced energy.

“At the same time she loves and hates the days when we are exercising our legs, but it is devoted to training. It’s a terrible effort, “revealed the coach of the famous Kardashian sister.