Fitness influencer Emily Skye transformed her body a few years ago.

She changed her lifestyle and slowly gained popularity on social networks. Thanks to the impressive number of followers, her fitness became a job.

Its approach does not include expensive equipment or secrets of fast weight loss, and does not use filters in photos. She frankly admits that it takes a lot of effort and work to see the results.

She discovered that there are four simple tips that you can start working on the transformation of your own body, which she followed herself.

Replace carbohydrates with a high proportion of starch with sweet potatoes and pumpki
“One of the best ways to start feeding is healthy is to make small changes in your regime. The best way is to replace potatoes and rice with pumpkin and pistachio.

Avoid cooked food
“When you do not have time, it’s easy to reach for ready-to-eat food, but it’s a common obstacle for people to become fit and healthy.”

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LEFT: 1 month postpartum – RIGHT: 7months postpartum. . . No matter what your fitness goal is know that it takes time!! Don’t expect changes straight away, that will only set you up for disappointment which can be very demotivating. Focus on being consistent and before you know it you’ll start feeling and seeing changes. . I’ve gotta be honest with you though, I did have some moments when I was being impatient & would whinge to Declan because I wasn’t “bouncing back”. – It takes commitment, time and PATIENCE! Haha! 😝🙈 . It’s hard not to feel disheartened when others seem to get results fast. – This is exactly why we shouldn’t compare ourselves to others! We’re all different so don’t compare your journey to me or anyone else. Remember, I started working out 9 years ago so I have muscle that has taken me years to build and muscle memory. . I’m nowhere near as fit as I was pre-baby and I do want to get fitter and build more muscle but again, that will take time. I just want to feel good, and be healthy so I can be the best I can be without putting pressure on myself. I love my body right now and will keep working to get fitter and stronger. 💪🏼 . . Also, I don’t spend hours in the gym and I don’t train every day. I do my own workouts from my FIT APP and mainly follow the home workouts – they’re efficient and effective which is what I need since I’m busier than ever now. 😝 I also follow the meals in my program most of the time – they’re delicious, keep me full and aren’t hard to make (I’m not good in the kitchen – just ask Declan!! 😂) . Don’t forget, no matter what your goal is it’s important to love yourself along the way and be kind to yourself. 🙏🏼💗 . . #7monthspostpartum

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Every morning, make three sets of squats in the kitchen

“Many do not have time to exercise, but it’s easy to find it. Every morning, make three sets of squats in the kitchen. One when you enter the kitchen, the other while preparing the breakfast and the third on the way out. “

Exercise the leaves while showering or wiping your teeth

“This is my favorite exercise mode because it’s simple and fast, and it’s changing. While showering or tearing your teeth, stand upright and lift your fingers several times to strengthen the leaves. “