Push-ups are a standard exercise to strengthen abdominal muscles, and you probably would never think that you could be seriously hurt working it.

But this just happened to a 23-year-old Brazilian law student.

In January 2016, Marcelle Mancuso was in the gym and worked the reverse push-ups, and the ankles were placed high in the air while the head was near the floor. The coach helped her and held her feet.

“The strap that held my legs broke, I hit my head and slammed the cervical spine. I immediately became tetraplegic, and I could not move from the door, “Mancuso told the Health magazine.

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Tetraplegia is a paralysis of the upper and lower body parts including the fingers, hands, chest, legs, feet and toes, and can limit the mobility of the head, neck and shoulders, according to the University of Alabama Medical School.

After this injury, the doctors installed the panel and six screws in the neck to align the spine.

“They did not know if I would walk again. I was afraid, but I was fighting. I devoted myself to physiotherapy” – she said.

She learned to walk and feed again, and eventually recovered and returned to the gym. Today it has a regular and independent life, can walk, run, jump and swim.

“Every day I thank God for it,” she says of her miraculous recovery.