39 years old Mariela Stewart has dropped a vegan diet for six years.

She stopped eating meat because she hoped she would solve digestive problems, but instead said, she lost her muscle mass, became drowsy, her teeth and hair weakened her, and she lost her desire for sex.

She says her skin has become wrinkled and has been recovering since she is eating meat again.

“Before my veganies I was on a low-carbohydrate diet that helped me get back into shape after three pregnancies. I have looked at several documentaries on how vegan has improved the functioning of the digestive system of those who followed it and decided to try, “Stewart said, who felt better at first but after some time the problems had returned, even worse.

“I’ve been tempted by various variants of veganism. I focused on lots of fruits, vegetables and nuts. I lost all my muscles. Over time, I started to eat tofu, quince, rice and beans, but the vegan diet did not suit me. I was inflamed, began to thicken despite the training. My hair began to decrease, as did my eyelashes. My nails became weak, and my hair was aging, “she clarified.

The look was compared to a twin twin who was not vegan. Mariela Stewart noticed that she had more wrinkles and looks older.

“I had mood swings and had to significantly reduce caloric intake to see a minimum change in weight,” she added.

In addition to all the above, she had an irritable bowel syndrome, her teeth began to shrink, migraines appeared and her libido fell. She began to worry about how she looks and how she feels.

“In June, I returned low-carbohydrate diets, but now I’m practicing a ketogenic diet. I realized that the lack of nutrients in the vegan diet began to affect the decomposition of my body. I am now listening to my body, but each organism is different, “Stewart says.

“I lowered fat again and built my muscles. I sleep better, digest me better, I feel more satisfied and my brain works more clearly. I have more energy, and my skin is more common. I’m just happier, “she concluded.

She continues to practice three to four times a week to keep her body in shape.

“I appeal to people to be educated and read about nutrition and health. Veganism is not sustainable. Children should never follow such a diet, and there are numerous articles explaining why it is dangerous to being in the developing world, “she warned in the end.