LOVE brings happiness and joy, but also a few kilograms of surplus.

A survey found that gathered 2,000 people in a relationship, which on average gained 16 kilograms of weight since they started dating with a partner, of whom nearly eight kilograms were given only in the first year of the relationship.

Even 69 percent of men and 45 percent of women admit that they are gaining weight. For love weight, 41 percent of people blame more frequent visits to restaurants in their first year of connection, while cooking at home elsewhere (34 percent) is at the second place.

Respondents also said that they feel comfortable in a new relationship and do not feel pressured to have to look the best (64 percent). On average, this feeling occurs after a year and five months, say the results. Individuals between the ages of 18 and 24 enter this phase of comfort somewhat earlier, that is, after ten months, while those aged between 45 and 54 need about a year and a half to feel that way.

Another trigger for gaining a kilogram is entering into marriage. Almost 57 percent of respondents admit that on average they weighted eight kilograms in the first year of marriage. Men estimate that in the first year of marriage they tended twice as much as their husbands.

According to the survey, the weight gain comes in the first five years of marriage. The biggest reason why people no longer care so much about their own body is the founding of the family (42 percent).
However, after a while, most people are trying to lose weight. 55 percent say that it has gone hand in hand over the past year, and the average respondent has lost seven kilograms in the past 365 days.

On the other hand, partners are also the best motivators. 52 percent of respondents have a workout with a partner, and 60 percent of them have a healthy diet. 40 percent admit that they both make one.

Joint exercise and healthy nutrition have many benefits because those who work with a partner have twice the probability of losing weight to those who do not, but also twice as often declaring that they are happy and satisfied with their relationship.

Partner loss is also one of the major losers for weight loss. In men (21%) it is more often the case, than in women (14%).