STRONG Biceps were for a long time reserved for men only. The female body was considered fragile throughout history, and the male was strong.

Nevertheless, more and more women now show muscles that may be a cause for some men. The last thing was done by the famous singer Jennifer Lopez when she explained how much she had strengthened body performances in Las Vegas that are physically extremely tense.

The coaches themselves say that there are changes among female clients. Previously, the abdominal muscles were present, and today they increasingly want to emphasise biceps.

“Women want to look, not thin, but impressed with prominent muscles,” said coach of celebrities Tyrone Brennand.

“Women first wanted to tighten the body or lose weight, but they did not want to build muscle. Today it matters to them. One of the best ways to quickly point out the change is through the biceps that jump when they squeeze the fist. It’s a typical pose showing strength, “fitness expert Keith McNiven added.

However, it is much more difficult for women to get such a look than for men.

“Women do not have so much testosterone that helps build muscle,” explained Colin Crosby, a sports medicine advisor.

Dr. Elle Boag, a psychiatrist, believes women have decided to be equal to men and therefore increasingly have a need to proudly display muscular bodies.

“We have to change physically to make us serious. If you are rounded up, you feel weak. If you are physically strong, it is less likely that you will be perceived, “Dr. Boag said.

At the same time, some men find such women attractive.

” Jake women are sexy. They are strong, healthy and strong, and this is incredibly attractive, “concluded coach Brennand.