HOW we get older, this slows down the metabolism and the body is more susceptible to the accumulation of unwanted kilograms. They also contribute to nutrition, stress levels, and hormones.

Nutritionist Lee Holmes has discovered the cause of fatigue in certain parts of the body and how to fight it.


According to Lee, the main culprit for excess pounds on the hips is the imbalance of the hormone.

“If the level of estrogen is not in balance, you can be more susceptible to fatigue in this region. Check the levels of hormones, “she explained and advised you to consume more avocados, broccoli and salmon to maintain healthy weight.

It notes that protein intake and regular exercise are also important.


“Excessive consumption of carbohydrates and sugars can lead to thickening in the area of ​​the abdomen. It is also important to monitor the level of cortisol which causes retention of fat on the abdomen, “says Lee.

To keep this hormone balanced, Lee recommends adding leafy green vegetables and pomegranates to your body, as well as practicing breathing, yoga and meditation techniques.


Nutritionist says that weight gain is natural and has been happening for years.

“It helps me brush the body I work every day in the shower, as well as regular massage and exfoliation. So I remove stubborn fat accumulations. By simply stimulating the tissue you can really notice the difference, especially if you choose weight lifting several times a week, “she added.


If you generally consume too much calories in your body, your butt could grow. More precisely, if you eat premature and fried foods, Lee says, and explained: “Foods lacking protein also lead to thickening in the lower part of the back and buttocks.”

The lower part of the leg and ankles

Lee explains that often pregnancy is the cause of water accumulation in the lower part of the leg, and especially the ankles.

“If you are not pregnant, keep an eye on the salt intake. Stay away from stress, “she advised.

In general, the nutritionist advises to consume acidic cabbage that is probiotic, but also prebiotics like onions, asparagus and green legumes.

“Pay attention to the shape of the body. Women whose body resembles apples, tend to become thick in their stomachs, while the shape of the pear is usually accumulated in the hips and buttocks, “she said.