olivia wilde

ACKNOWLEDGING the roles in series Dr. House and The O.C., actress Olivia Wilde became a fan of the audience.

Real life is the mother of two children and activists who inspire many. Along with all the private and business obligations, regular exercise is the key to her slim figure.

When in Los Angeles with Angel Coach Manuel Manuel-Davis does not watch SoulCycle watches that combines exercise on a bicycle or electronic music with light effects or does not dance with Tracy Anderson, it’s probably in the gym in New York where the body is stretching.

“I believe it really affects my mood, as well as the body,” Wilde said.

By stretching, he considers the demanding yoga poses that help her recover from the body from previous injuries.

“I went through various injuries that caused back pain. How old do you start to realize how much stretching has an impact on injury prevention. This is something I have seen for myself, and it gives me the energy. I feel that I have spent too much time in my life without running away, “she clarified.

When it comes to diet, it never grows hungry and enjoys coffee every morning.

“I drink plain coffee with some sugar. I’m simple. Sometimes I order a vanilla flavor, “she discovered.