ITALIAN Bodybuilder Massimo Brunaccioni in 2011 renounced meat due to animal love. He became vegan and began to feed only food of plant origin.

He claims that such a diet did not adversely affect his body, in fact, he built incredible muscles.

Some are convinced of taking steroids because they find it impossible to look like exercise and a balanced diet that mostly consists of vegetables, but he claims it is not true.

When there is no competition, they eat 3500 calories per day, and before the show shows the enviable muscles, it enters 2200 calories.

“Seven years ago I realized that it was impossible to love animals and eat them. My golden retriever Luce is responsible for becoming a vegan, “says Brunaccioni.

She trains six days a week and eats five times a day. The typical diet of this bodybuilder consists of oat pancakes with jams or hazelnut spreads. After breakfast, he consumes snacks, most common fruits, protein shake and porridge.

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Sono sempre stato molto critico con me stesso. Ad ogni fine allenamento, anche se stremato, penso sempre che avrei potuto dare di più. Ad ogni fine preparazione, prima della gara, pur soddisfatto della condizione raggiunta penso spesso che avrei potuto curare maggiormente i dettagli. Anche per questa preparazione sarà così, tra 4 settimane salirò di nuovo sul palco dopo l’ultimo trionfo in terra americana di Aprile. E poi invece ci sono giorni che mi sento fiero di quello che sono riuscito a conquistare in questi anni nel bodybuilding. Mi sento ancora più fiero quando penso di essere stato l’apripista di una serie di atleti vegan che stanno andando alla grande sui palchi natural più importanti d’Italia (e mondiali) dando dignità, vita, valore e forza ad un approccio alimentare considerato sempre inferiore a quello “tradizionale”, soprattutto in questo sport. AVANTI TUTTA @e_veganfit @fab_veganfit @mapuseccia_fit @barbara_burlin_mali @barbara_veganandfitness Back a – 4 settimane dalla NBFI PROCUP e a -9 dai mondiali WNBF #vegan #veggie #veganism #veganfood #veganmuscle #veganfoodshare #vegansofig #eatvegan #veganathlete #veganchef #train #fitchef #instafitness #veganlife #abs #sixpack #fitness #fitnessmodel #govegan #instagood #bodybuilding #nomeatathlete #motivation #mensphysique #naturalbodybuilding #picoftheday #motivationalquotes #veganbodybuilding #veganbody #backpose

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For main meal he selects an integral rose, lentils and vegetables, and for the afternoon snack dried fruit and soybean yoghurt. Dinner is usually tofu, vegetables and seeds.

“Many do not believe I do not eat meat. They claim to take steroids, but this is completely wrong, “assures this 33-year-old Italian who just returned from the World Bodybuilders Contest in America where he took second place.

“Since my birth I have been involved in sports and I have been subjected to a doping test before each competition. Meat is not a necessary ingredient if you want to have muscle mass, “he said.

He claims that because of veganism he became a great emo.

“I’m crying on movies or songs. I never cried before. Today I’m a better person, “she explains.

From the squat can lift an impressive 160 pounds, when it comes to deadlift and 210.

“If you are a novice in vegan, seek advice from doctors and nutritionists. You have to learn how many calories you eat, where to get protein, iron, calcium and other nutrients. It is important to follow the intake of vitamin B12 and vitamin B. If you do not know it yourself, some experts can help you, “he counselled.