YOU KNOW the benefits of exercise, but a recent survey found that skipping a gym is actually the worst thing you can do for your health.


To say more clear, scientists say that lack of exercise is detrimental to smoking health.


In a study in the JAMA newspaper, the clinic in Cleveland examined data on 122,007 patients from 1991 to 2014 who were subjected to exercises on the runway, and later reported death rates. It has been discovered that those who were in better shape and healthier lifestyle lived longer and healthier. 

“High aerobic fitness has been associated with patients who lived the longest, with older patients benefiting from it, as well as those with hypertension,” says the study’s conclusions that compare the sedentary lifestyle with wicked disease and says the best medicine is exercise.

Dr. Wael Jaber, co-author of research, finds these results surprising. 

“Those who were not fit had the worst prognosis and starting conditions, worse than diabetics and smokers,” Jaber told CNN. The survey also looked at the data of “too active people”, but it was confirmed that those who exercise more do not face a higher risk of death. So we all know good effects of exercises, but just few of us apply them in everyday life.