PERSONAL TRAINER Sophie Allen regularly delights enthusiasts with photographs of their body fit. It has recently shown how much it has changed over the last few years since it changed its diet and began to weigh the weights.

” In the left photo I was too much for training, bad recovery, my hormones were not balanced, I was weak and skinny, ‘she wrote.

She decided to eat more and lose the fat. It increased caloric intake and made metabolism work fast.

“Today I’m stronger than ever, and I eat more than ever,” she said, adding that people are afraid to eat more, but if they do it correctly, it’s possible to lose weight.

” I know what’s better for me, and I’ll stick to the nutrition plan. ”

It should not be forgotten that it is exceptionally devoted to training. In addition to weighing weights, we also practice 6-12-25. That means that the first exercise is repeated six times, the second is 12 and the third is 25.

“I made, for example, six jumps, 12 foot extensions and 25 squats. This releases the maximum amount of growth hormone that works on the muscles, “she explained.

Sophie had been subjected to endometriosis eight years ago, but complications resulted in intestinal perforation. He spent a month in intensive care, and his life was endangered.

After that unpleasant experience he recovered and transformed the body, and today he is quite passionate about fitness and health.