fit forever

Everyone wants a long and happy life. How to get it, know a doctor and a scientist from Mayo Dr Michael Joyner. How to be fit forever.

“Research shows that simple physical performance tests can predict future mortality. In other words, some exercises will increase your longevity, ” Dr Joyner discovered for the Outside journal.

They claim that they are skipping ropes and burps are the main exercises that will improve your body performance and prolong life expectancy and strengthen, improve cardiovascular health and endurance.

Chop rope is very useful for burning fat. According to research, it requires 24 % more power than running at the same pace. If you use tighter string, you will use more strength and build muscles.

Burpee, at least, is like one of the hardest exercises. They strengthen the lower part of the body and the heart.

“It’s best to combine both exercises. Both of them serve the purpose, improve the condition and simultaneously strengthen the upper and lower body, ” Dr Joyner said.