NEXT TRAINING PATH FORWARD YOUR FRIEND. It has been shown that exercise in a couple is healthier than if you were alone. The reason is social interaction.

As part of the City of Copenhagen research on heart health, scientists have gathered 8,500 people who never had heart problems, heart attacks or cancer. Participants filled out a questionnaire on health and lifestyle issues that included information on their fitness style and how often they were practising. After that, they were monitored for the next 25 years, during which period 4500 died.

In a statement published in the Mayo Clinic magazine, scientists have found that they have established a connection between social sports and longer lifespan. Compared to sitting people, tennis enthusiasts live 9.7 years longer.

Second place is badminton (6.2 years), football (4.7 years), cycling (3.7 years), swimming (3.4 years) and running (3.2 years).

The result of two things: in exercising with a partner, people enjoy more and are chances of long-term adherence to physical activity.

“When we decide to exercise and accelerate the heart pulse, we feel good, but not relaxed and happy as after playing basketball or golf,” explained Dr James O’Keefe, a leading cardiologist at the same time.

” Any activity is better than none. But when physical activity permits us to play, the advantage is more. From those for the musculoskeletal and cardiovascular system to emotional attachment that turned out to be just as important, “O’Keefe added.