JULIE Marchak had 130 pounds and a body mass index of 40.

Threatened mother of three children was constantly exhausted despite sleeping at night for nine hours, and then three years ago apnea was diagnosed.

This breathing disorder, which included the risk of heart attack and diabetes, was an alarm for the alert, so she decided to change something.

High-calorie diet was replaced by balanced, healthy meals, and twice daily consumed protein shakes. After a month, she lost weight to ten pounds, and to date she still has 55.

“I was told that I would need a device that would help me to cope with sleep apnea for the rest of my life. I was terrified of thinking that I slept so close to my husband, I did not feel attractive and he was afraid my daughters would not see me on the face mask, “she said.

She realized she was once in the grave and changed her lifestyle, and today she is one of the candidates in the beauty contest.

“I have 64 kilograms and shaped body. My husband finds me attractive and feels like he has married two different people, “she added.

Specifically, Marchak had a pounds of childhood since childhood. She always wore bigger clothes and salad meals to lose weight. After a short term loss of pounds, it would be even more expensive.

His transformation began with regular walking and now runs marathon.

“I enjoy my reflection in the mirror, I am confident and proud of myself,” she said.

Before the breakfast boy was eating sandwiches and drinking coffee, her snacks were herbs and cakes, and lunch and dinner hamburgers, pizza and spicy food. It did not deny either desert, most often it was ice cream.

Today, she drinks a protein shake for breakfast, herbs are apple or pear with nuts and Greek yogurt, and if she reaps coffee, she is cooked with almond milk. Lunch is usually made of vegetables, tuna or eggs, and rice crackers, while for dinner they will eat chicken breast with batat and integral rice and salad.