The famous singer delights the visitors of her show in Las Vegas. He is so dedicated to the spectacle that he performed on the stage that he had stuck incredible muscles. She wore a small red dress, wigged biceps, and posed as she showed her strong hands.

“I feel like a superhero after a performance tonight. When I started, I thought that 15 played in 27 days a lot. But I gave you the promise that I will eventually be stronger, “wrote a 49-year-old singer. He succeeded in his plan.

“I will practice and be in the best form of life. It was a moment when I was tired and traveling and had to adjust training where I could. But there are only three appearances left. I am very emotional, but mostly I feel stronger, happier and more grateful, “she added.

The fans thanked her again for inspiring them.

“Inspiration for your back, butt and arms,” “My superhero,” “Beautiful, you’re a goddess,” are just some of the compliments she gave her escorts.