VANESSA Hudgens has decided to adapt the popular diet to herself without fitness center.

Instead of, like the majority, strictly complying with the prescribed rules of the Ketogenic Diet, the actress has come up to adjust and adjust to her own way of life without fitness center.
Specifically, she decided to combine the two currently most popular diets – this diet and the occasional fasting.

As she discovered in conversation with People, she did not eat anything 18 hours a day, and then the remaining six hours eat almost everything she wanted.

Although she does not fight with excess pounds, she admits she is a true fanatic when it comes to a healthy life and regular exercise, and she likes to try out new trends in a diet. She just found out about this for an 18-hour post.

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“I have occasionally fasted a lot because I adore pasta, and I love pizza, so when I do not eat carbohydrates, I feel like a small part of me dies,” Hudgens said, describing why the exclusively popular Ketogenic kid is not kept.

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However, she admits that the first two weeks of occasional posting are extremely difficult, but one thing when you get used to such a diet is getting easier.

“Such a diet is the most appropriate. Of course, they are all different, but for me this has been the most useful to date,” the actress explained.

But she admits that the occasional post is practiced exclusively when it permits it. Specifically, when it is on day-to-day footage, simply switch to the mentioned Keto Diet.

“And these diets are a great choice for me People often think that when they are on a diet, fat is a purely negative thing, and only in ketogenic diets are the positive thing I always try to consume only healthy fat so I eat a lot of almond butter “Hudgens said and added that thanks to this combination of two diets, depending on the lifestyle, there is always enough energy.

In other words, she thinks that the secret of her lean look is exactly in the adjustment of the diet, that is, these two diets, and not the blind follow-up of just one of them. Of course, one should not forget that the actress never skips or goes to the gym.