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The benefits of exercising and how the exercise affects our health


Every year during the holidays, many people get fat, and at the beginning of the new year, some people become a post-holiday depression.

Experts claim that the best remedy for both problems lies in the exercise

In addition to losing weight, exercising and improving mood. It can also act as an antidepressant, says Dr Michael Craig Miller, psychiatrist and professor at Harvard. For those who fail to exercise to overcome depression, it advises applying in pairs.

Exercise stimulates the growth of new nerve cells in the hippocampus, and this process is crucial for the treatment of depression – said Dr Michael Craig Miller added that the same process saves the brain cells from dying and reduces the risk of dementia.

In older people who regularly exercise the volume of the hippocampus, the regions associated with learning and memory increased by two percent compared to inactive peers – a study from 2011 published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences showed.

Also, experts say that people who regularly exercise, plan better and organise their lives. In addition to mental, exercise also keeps bone health.

Ageing falls in quality of the bones and results in osteoporosis. But you can prevent or mitigate your everyday activities, “said Dr Meryl S. LeBoff, a professor from Harvard. For the preservation of bone health, it recommends running, walking, hiking, dancing and tennis.

Strengthening the bones

Creating muscle mass is good for bone health. If you already have osteoporosis, it’s good to have stronger muscles to maintain balance and reduce the risk of falls that is fatal in that disease – says Dr Meryl S. LeBoff.

Osteoporosis patients advise a walk for an hour, at least twice a week. Exercise also reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, which is the cause of 17.5 million deaths worldwide annually. Those with heart problems should also exercise to avoid premature death.

They recommend aerobic exercises, or natural running and walking. A study by the Department of Health and Health Services has shown that exercising three times a day for 30 minutes a week reduces the risk of heart disease.

Advantages of exercising

Reduces stress: Stress hormones can strain your heart, and exercise can help you relax and relieve stress, get rid of depression and improve memory.

Stops or slows down diabetes: Combined with strength training, regular aerobic exercises can reduce the risk of diabetes by more than 50 %. But diet is also essential.

Muscle Strength: Aerobic exercises and strength training are excellent for heart health. These exercises improve the ability of the muscles to draw oxygen from the blood that circulates.

Weight Control: Especially in combination with a healthy diet, being physically active is essential for weight loss – which can save your heart health.

For a healthy blood pressure: High pressure is mostly inherited, and as one form of prevention it is recommended to exercise with the supervision of doctors and specialists.

Harvard: Exercises you can work on continuously

Swimming – Except for swimming in all muscles in the human body, Harvard experts say that it also helps in mental health. They add that it reduces stress and raises mood.

Tai Chi – This Chinese martial art that combines movement and relaxation is suitable for both body and mind. They say it’s good for people of all ages and fitness and can be especially useful for the elderly.

Power Training – Experts say that power training will not only burn calories and increase muscles but will keep them stronger. I can also help preserve the function of the brain in older people.

Walking – It’s simple but also very useful. It can help you strengthen your bones, maintain optimal blood pressure, increase your mood, and lower the risk of developing a disease like diabetes and conditions of the circulatory system.

Kegel Exercises – These exercises will not help you look better, but they strengthen the muscles around the pelvis, which may be necessary for preventing incontinence. Except for women, Kegel’s exercises are good for men.

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