CALUM Von Moger is one of the most famous Australian bodibilders.

In Bigger’s film, he embodied the legendary Arnold Schwarzenegger, and despite the injuries he has recently suffered, he is still a sign of strength and resistance.

“From the very first day I started doing bodybuilding, I started filling my dreams. I was faced with challenges and difficulties, but it was never so hard that I could not handle it. Life does not become lighter in time, and you have to become stronger, “he told Men’s Health.

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Match in the gas tank 💥

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Von Moger shares tips for training, nutrition, and recent recovery and recovery with his followers on social networks.

Now he looked at beginners who were sometimes intimidated. His advice could be useful to everyone who is entering the world of bodybuilding and wanting to work on muscle mass.

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The time will come to be Thik and jUicy again..

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Train the form and perfect the techniques before you begin to lift heavy weights.

Before starting training, well heat your body and drink plenty of water, stay focused and do not disturb other people.

Do not forget basic exercises such as squat and dead lifting. They help build good foundations.

Increase protein intake, especially after exercise.

Enjoy, have fun and do not rush. It will take time, but you have to be patient.