OK, maybe even after the exercise will not look just like the buttocks Kim Kardashian, but worth the try …

If you have already come to terms with the fact that the genes have not honoured you with the “Brazilian” butt and have stopped hoping that things will ever change, there is still a chance to shape, but also increase your butt.


Of course, with the help of several exercises.

Bronchial toning involves the activation of several different muscle groups around the buttocks and muscles of the hip. Also, it would be wise to pay attention to the outer and inner tissues of the thighs, as well as quadriceps.

However, the theoretical part already knows, but what about the practical? Gunnar Peterson knows everything about it.

“You should do numerous variations of squats and deadlifting. You’re already working dead, and you’re not aware of it,” Peterson explained to Popsugar, citing an example of raising things from the ground.

Here is what concrete exercises will consider helping you bolster and increase your backside:

Romanian deadlifting


Romanian deadlifting or deadlifting flat feet focuses on the “back lodge”. During its performance, the back should remain flat, and bending should come from the torso. That is, instead of turning the knees, the legs should stay stiff during a repetition.



Place your legs in the width of your shoulders, and your hands on the side or in front of your body. Slowly fold your knees and push the hips back, as you lower your body as far as you can or until your thighs are parallel to the floor. Pete must remain firm on the floor. During the entire exercise, the chest should be upright, and the back only slightly bend.


Fitness practitioners call this exercise a queen for the buttocks, and the more significant step you make, it will have a greater impact on the butt.

Keep your back leg on your fingers and rely on your hips. Lower it until the leg of the front leg is parallel with the ground, and the knee of the foreleg must not cross the imaginary line of the fingers.

When you master this exercise, you can take the pumpkin in your hands and thus increase the intensity of exercise.