Running is extremely healthy, but if you make certain mistakes, you can easily damage your own feet. Dr. Casey Ann Pidich has uncovered the most common mistakes that cause foot injuries, which she has encountered in medical practice.

Namely, she has been working as a pediatrician for years, that is, she diagnoses and treats deformations and diseases of the feet.

Running without socks

Dr. Pidich says this is the worst idea.

“Socks prevent stools that can arise during running and help with sweat absorption,” he says, adding that you should never forget to protect your feet with socks.

False measurement of the sneakers

People often measure the length of the foot from one to one inch, and they should be from the fifth to the second finger.

“Promote the feet of the foot. Most people think their thumb is the longest finger, and more often the longer they are. Measure the foot size from the heel to the longest finger. You should have a little place to move your fingers when you are wearing shoes, “explained Dr. Pidich.

Run while you feel pain

If your leg hurts or is swollen, something is wrong.

“Stop running and seek professional help. You may have a fracture, “Dr. Pidich.

It says that most people at the end of the day have swollen feet, but if one foot looks particularly weird, this is the first sign that something is happening.

Running in new sneakers

When you buy new sneakers, your wish is to show them as soon as possible, but dr. Pidich says they need to be crawled before you get them to run.

“Sneakers are made of materials that will fit your foot. This process takes time and it is best to wait a bit before you decide to be the whole route in them, “explained Dr. Pidich.