Fans of her famous butt have hit Kim Kardashian West. The Reality Star has released a new photo promoting her cosmetics, and everyone soon noticed how much her butt is different.

“Where’s your butt?” One Instagramer asked, and the other said, “Kim, please. That’s not you.”

Fans warned her she no longer resembles herself because the photos were too retouched.

“Why do you use so many photo bags? We all know that you’re not like that.”

One girl soon jumped to the reality star: “I think this is the usual amount of camouflage used in campaigns, and the costume is high-cut. With all that, the pose affects. Leave the woman in peace, look great. “

Although Kim celebrated the very buttock, she admits she has an unusual relationship with her. Sometimes he likes it, but he is increasingly dissatisfied with it.

In the last episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, sister Kourtney Kardashian told Kim that her butt looks great when she sits.

Mama Kris Jenner warned her to apologize because that was not nice, but Kourtney said, “She enjoys her big butt. I did not say anything insulting. “

Nevertheless, Kim then revealed: “No, I cry for her every day!”

The size of the buttocks is unhappy since the birth of the son of Sainto in December 2015.

“I like shrapnel, but I do not like my butt and hips so big. I’m very insecure.”

That’s why he changed his diet a few months ago and began to train more intensively.

“I do not eat sugar as before. Now I eat a lot healthier than before. I was eating and enjoying everything, and now I’m controlling it, “Kim said.

She now has 54 pounds, and trains six times a week. Her coach is bodybuilder Melissa Alcantara who discovered that the star is focused on shoulder, biceps and triceps exercises, chest and back, and for three days she dedicates her legs and buttocks. Sometimes they include cardio trainings, which are short exercises of high intensity or longer walks of reduced intensity.