FITNESS influenza showed that the number on the scale is not important. Christina Basil began to train and in two years she incredibly transformed her body, but kept the same weight.

She published two photos. It both weighs 65 kilograms, but the body has brought the training into form.

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#TransformationTuesday: I’ve reached the same weight I was when I first started training almost 2 yrs ago! Kinda seems like my fitness journey has come full circle in a way, doesn’t it??? 😁🙏🏼 __________ In 2016 I set my first ever fitness goal, which was to basically just shrink myself down to 120 lbs. 🤷🏻‍♀️ if you scroll through the oldest posts/captions on my account you’ll notice I was counting down every pound on my scale… 👀 If I stopped “progressing” with this number, I would further restrict my calories and try to exercise more – even though I would get dizzy trying to lift heavy or do high intensity cardio… my body’s way of telling me it was seriously running out of fuel. 😩🤦🏻‍♀️ __________ To this day, I continually get messages from girls saying how excited they are to have started lifting! 🙌🏼 BUT they can’t help feeling stressed out seeing the number on their scale stay the same or even go UP, asking “what am I doing wrong?!” 😪 __________ Why do we as women keep doing this to ourselves??? Men are generally so PROUD when they’ve put on weight when working out – meanwhile many women are determined to forever shrink themselves down to nothing. __________ I’m here to remind you, love, that YOU DON’T NEED to constantly weigh less and less to prove you’re healthy or fit. The scale CANNOT 🚫 tell you how much fat you’ve shed 💦 versus how much lean, toned, strong muscle mass you are building. 💪🏼 __________ Eat healthy, train hard, sleep well and give your body the TIME it needs to transform from the inside out. 🙏🏼 As one of my amazing followers put it the other day, “give yourself some grace, girl.” I’m rooting for your success, whatever your health and fitness goals may be. You got this. 👏🏼💕

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” 2016. I’ve set the goal to lose ten pounds. I counted every kilo on the scale. If my progress stopped, I further reduced my caloric intake and tried to exercise more, even if I felt dreaded by lifting the weights or during a more intense cardio training, “she clarified.

“Why are you women doing this to us? Men are proud to gain weight while exercising, while women are determined to lose weight, “she added.
Her message is that the kilograms do not define you because they can not figure out how much fat you’ve lost or how much you have built muscle mass.

“I’m reminded that you do not need to constantly lower your weight to prove that you are healthy or fit. I was wondering for your success, whatever your goal was. You can do it, “she warned and warned that you set realistic goals and give the body the time to transform both inside and out.