butt shape

AFTER she decided to postpone the end of the ski career, Lindsey Vonn was serious about taking the training. And yeah, she have perfect ass.

Although recovering from knee injury, it does not prevent you from trying some new exercises.

“I have to work on the moves,” she wrote with a video in which she was holding a pedestal in the gym and her buttocks raised from the floor for the steps in the air.

“Come on, and you can do it! You are a miracle woman! “,” What a beautiful, attractive, incredible ass “,” The Beast “, were flattered by the fans in the comments.

She used Saturday to try another exercise she had seen on YouTube.

‘ The incredible power ”, one of the comments on the video in which he stands on his head, and his feet slips on the ball for pilates and raises them again.

The American skier enrolled 82 World Cup wins, and the recorder Ingemar Stenmark has four more. It’s just her knee injuries that probably make it harder to break the record, but the new ski season is just soaring.