weight loss

With a weight of almost 200 kilos, Eddie Hall was declared the most powerful man in the world in 2017.

He realised he was not worth the risk and even worse, so he pulled back and decided he would not compete for the second time.

He started to train and lost 25 pounds. After the scales showed 169.5 kilograms, he had a new goal and a month later, weighing 164 kilograms.

“I owe a pound of weight to protein shakes, but also exercises that include swimming, cycling and boxing,” Hall said.

He explained that cardio training is challenging for muscular men because they have to find a solution not to lose muscle mass.

“Such a method corrects cardiovascular health, but it also helps the body recover after weighting,” he says.

Prior to this transformation, Hall has daily added 12,500 calories per day to the body. There were two English breakfasts, each of which had five sausages.

Hall is the first British to become the title of the most powerful man in the world after Gary Taylor 25 years ago. He participated in numerous challenges so he even sailed the plane.