A NEW WORLD that will make many happy is that it is possible to eat more, and at the same time lose weight. However, sugar and artificial sweeteners should first be ejected from the diet, says nutritionist Jessica Sepel.

“You need to change your attitude about diet. You do not have to limit yourself, but you have to keep it balanced, “Sepel revealed.

She says that a healthy diet depends on the macronutrients. Diet is based on carbohydrates from integral rice, quinoa and oats, proteins, fats, fibres and green vegetables.

“When you decide to live and nourish well, instead of refusing some foods, you will be able to avoid overeating, and yet be plentifully fed,” she explained.

It does not consume sugar and artificial sweeteners, and when you feel the desire for sweet apples apple with almonds, nuts, berries, carrots or home-made frozen yogurt.

Sepel is not a diet advocate because she thinks it’s about transient trends.

“Children are not sustainable in the long term. There is a way to achieve your goal without being on the diet, “she said.