Actor Idris Elba crowned the world’s worst hit man in 2018 for incredible look.

With the decision of the People magazine, both men and women agree.

The 46-year-old British actor is known for his role in numerous series and films, and should have become the first dark-haired James Bond, but denied that speculation in August.

Elbe exerts great care on health and incredible look, and does not forget to work hard for her role. He has discovered what he is eating and how to exercise, and that can help you get in shape.

He likes exercises that do not require extra equipment

Elba undoubtedly has all the other Hollywood stars available, from expensive coaches and innovative exercises to nutritional supplements. However, he decided that his fitness routine would be very simple for incredible look.

“Shadow boxing in which we imagine fighting an opponent is one of the best exercises you can perform,” he said.

“You do not need any extra equipment, and you work on every muscle in the body. That’s exactly what Nelson Mandela did in the morning in his prison cell, “he praised the information he knew by virtue of the role he embodied in 2013 as the most famous political prisoner in the film” Mandela: A Long Way to Freedom “.

He’s passion is kickboxing

More than a decade Elba is training kickboxing.

” Some men want to stretch their body or run for miles. My goal is to be ready to fight. If I fight in the ring, I have to have strength, “he said.

His cardio training is unusual

Perhaps you imagine Elbe as a man who runs a mile or is lurking on a bicycle, but his favorite cardio exercise is something else.

“I love skipping the rope. Believe it or not, ten minutes of rope jumping is pretty tiring. You are going to move your whole body and you will quickly shiver ”, Elbas explained.

However, whenever you can exercise, in the morning, sometimes it runs for 45 minutes or makes a hundred folds, and is a fan of swimming.

He is not afraid of carbohydrates and sweet

The sexiest actor is aware of what he or she is eating but is not limited. His rule is always to have breakfast, enter into the body of carbohydrates and proteins, and he usually chooses healthy cereals and eggs.

Carbohydrate is not considered an enemy, but a fuel that drives it.

“The best thing I’m preparing is toast. I’m pretty good at it, believe me, “he said.

Likewise, he will not desert dessert if he is in the mood for him. Her favorite chocolate is her nougat and caramel.

“I like to eat at midnight. It’s small and you can quickly get rid of the wrap and nobody will know, “he joked.