Sydney Grand Master Officer Nick Cheadle has a body that many men are dreaming about, but it still serves as a photo shooter.

With some basic techniques, he begins to manually edit the photograph so that his muscles are better off.

“This is an example of how little bit of editing can do with your photos,” he wrote alongside the release.

He shared the photo with the followers on which he posed in shorts. On the unedited photo, his muscles were seen, but on the right, he played with the colours, sharpened the picture and the exposure level and further highlighted the carved muscles.

“This may be an extreme example, but it’s important to remember that what we see is often arranged, and reality is what we see in the image on the left,” warned Cheadle.

Once again, she was interested in Instagram users. He made a graphic showing that men think women want and what their goal is.

“More compliments are often heard from friends and men in the gym than in women. They do not really care so much about the carved body, “he told

He says that men think that women have a dream of being a man. Man who lives in a gym, who is on a strict diet and has no social life, but can boast of muscle, while reality is such that women want a man who trains four to five times weekly, happy, enjoys food, has a productive social life, and is still satisfied with the body.

“When I started lifting weights, I thought it was a secret to a successful life, popularity, womanhood and happiness. I do not regret having brought the body into shape because I’ve learned so much, but there should be a very good reason to do it again in the future, “he says.

“If you are satisfied with training, healthy eating and taking care of entering the macronutrients more than anything in life, great. If that sounds too much to you, aim at something in between and have fun on the go, “Cheadle said.