By now you’ve probably heard that strength training is very practical if your goal is to reduce the amount of fat tissue and build your muscles.

But if you do not use stimuli like various exercises, a certain number of reps and sets of that weights, the shape of the body will not change as you expect.

Coach Shona Vertue has discovered which set of exercises is ideal for the entire body’s muscles.

“Every day I witness a scene in a gym where men choose the weights that they can not properly raise, and the women who are postponed. The result is either injuries in the case of men or lack of results in women, “she explained.

That’s why it advises you to choose the guerrillas you can pick up.


“If you notice that it’s too hard for you, you can always choose it easier,” she told women while advising men to seek professional advice from educated gymnasts or trainers.

Each movement shown should be repeated four times in 40 seconds with 20 seconds of rest and 60 seconds between each exercise.

“If you want an additional challenge, repeat the exercises in two rounds,” she says.