weight loss

SOMETIMES it is not so difficult to comply with a particular regime for several weeks or months and get rid of the accumulated pounds and bring the body in shape.

However, after a while, unwanted pounds go back and you need to re-invest your efforts to fit.

Fitness trainer Sohee Lee has uncovered key tricks to maintain her desired weight and body shape.

Enjoy your diet

If you’ve started to eat healthy, and you’re not enjoying it, when you get back to the old, then Sohee Lee. Her advice is to maintain a moderate calorie intake. If they are too small, you will be hungry and later beating. In addition, it will be difficult for you to practice. You should never enter less than 1200 calories.

An adequate amount of protein is important. They will saturate you, and meals that are nutritiously rich will help your diet to be sustainable.

“Add your favorite treats to your diet, but in a moderate amount, to ease your desire,” says Sohee.

“Maybe you can not control what you eat, but you can always watch how much you eat,” she warned.

Dietian Leslie Langevin agrees: “Balance is important. 80 percent should be healthy food, and 20 percent is the one you enjoy. “

Discover what your activity is challenging

Avoid those training that you are not excited, confident and not challenging.

“Find the activity you enjoy and do as often as possible,” says Sohee.

Her advice is to train two to six times a week with cardio exercises to burn fat, but if you are a fan of yoga, tennis or walking, these are the activities that you should practice.

Regularly monitor progress

“Regular monitoring is important because it gives you insight into the progress,” says Sohee, and discovers that you do not have to stand on the scales every week if it makes you anxious. Her advice is to note the progress of the photos each month, keep a diary in which you will write the exercises and how to feel or follow how your clothes stand.

Sleep well enough and stay away from stress

“Sufficient sleep and less stress in life is the key to a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. San is a habit that affects everything in your everyday life, “says Sohee.

Namely, sleeping affects leptin, a hormone that regulates hunger and helps the body to understand when it is sitting on a stimulating appetite. Stress is a trigger for the production of cortisol, a stress hormone that is associated with increased appetite and excess abdominal fat.

It is important to take care of yourself, to enjoy hot baths, massages, relax regularly. Try listening to music for ten minutes a day, reading or practicing yoga.

“With seven to nine hours of sleep, the key to success is stated,” Sohee concluded.