NEVER can dispute that walking is an excellent form of exercise. You can walk if you are not in the best condition, and it’s available almost everywhere.

However, if after a long period of walking, you notice that the number on the balance is stagnating, there are several possible reasons. If you adjust them, you could start burning calories very quickly.

Personal coach Chris Kelly has discovered what things you need to keep in mind if your goal is to reduce your body weight by walking.

  • Walk briskly

It is recommended to practice half-hour aerobic activity of moderate intensity five days a week. Workout here.

“Breathing should be difficult, or you should not be able to hold the conversation while walking. On a scale of 1 to 10, if it’s important for you to lose weight, walking should be moderately demanding, or between 4 and 6 “, Kelly explained.

  • Walk for a long time

As he noted, 30 minutes should be the daily minimum that you will follow. If you can not separate so much time at once, try to walk to work, during a break at work and on the way home.

  • Change the speed at which you are walking

“It’s been proven that HIIT trainings contribute most to weight loss,” says Kelly, explaining that while walking, this means that you can walk faster for a short period of time and slow down to recover your body, and then speed up your walk again.

  • Change the route

The coach says your body will quickly become accustomed to the route you are walking and will no longer be challenging. You should change the route, because you change the terrain for which you are walking, and you will not be bored quickly.

  • Add Basic Exercises

Walking can make you more challenging and interesting if you insert jumps or jumps from time to time and when the field you are moving allows. When you come into shape, you can also try with planks, shrugs, or bubbles. This will include more muscles in your body activity.

Walking is not intense, for example, running.

“How much calories you burn can not be said because it depends on several factors and it differs from person to person. Take care of a calorie deficit because it’s the only weight loss recipe “, notes Kelly.

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