SOMETIMES food is not the biggest obstacle to weight loss, but what we drink. People closely watch the calories that they eat, but sometimes they forget about other things they consume in the day.

Coffee, ice tea, energy drinks and alcohol contain calories that can be quickly picked up. That causes the debilitating and occurrence of the maroon in many places on the body, especially on the stomach.

Many alcoholic beverages do not have any nutritional value at all, so you do not even know what to eat in your body. Keep in mind that alcohol, besides calories, contains sugar, which is a combination of non-weighted kilograms.

One of the main reasons why alcohol causes fatigue is that it is processed slowly by the body, and all the extra calories you enter are stored in fatty tissue.

Another reason is that alcohol contains more calories than you think. There are about 150 calories in beer, while in drinks like martini 210. If you multiply it by three, you will realize that you have entered calories as much as one meal.

If your goal is to lose weight, and occasionally you want to afford alcohol, let it be vodka or a glass of red wine. Sweet drinks, beer and cocktails contain a lot more calories and create bubbles.