RESEARCH shows that 80 percent of people give up their New Year’s decisions by mid-February or Valentine’s Day. That is why it is not necessary to make decisions that are exhausting and it is difficult to adhere to them.

To work on your health, diet and fitness, it’s enough to make a few small decisions that make you feel much better.

Eat only 12 hours a day

“Even if you do not change what you eat, only the time you eat can make a big difference to your health,” says Health Advisor Jules Anderson.

“Our body works according to the 24-hour cycle, and at night, when the body rests, a recovery process comes in. If the body is not given enough time, bad things can be kept in our body and cause bloating of the disease, “he adds.

That’s why it’s recommended to eat 12 hours a day.

“If you have eaten breakfast at 8 o’clock in the morning, do not eat anything after 20 hours,” warns Anderson.

Start cooking

Apart from salt and pepper, some turmeric is another necessary ingredient in your dishes.

“Curcuma has anti-inflammatory effects and protects the body,” says health expert Suzy Glaskie.

Put the plant in the bedroom

Many green plants supposedly cleans the air of toxic chemicals.

Beat the desire for sweet

“The sweet desire takes about 15 minutes. When you feel it, go for a short walk, “advises Glasky.

Listen to music while you’re practicing

Research has shown that music improves performance and increases motivation.

Every day eat something green

“Green vegetables like broccoli, cloves, spinach, blanches and cabbages are nutritionally rich and provide you with a dose of vitamins B, D and K, as well as minerals like calcium and iron, fibre and antioxidants,” says nutritionist Beth Morris.

Listen to your brain, not your cell phone

Try remembering important dates and phone numbers, and do not write them on your cell phone. That reduces the risk of developing dementia by 33%.

Conduct shorter intensive activities

Any activity is good. It has been shown that only 20 seconds of intense climbing at the stairs of the day can do a lot for your cardiovascular health.

Take a walk before breakfast

“Before a meal, your body uses stored fat stores and will burn them to produce energy,” says Jules.

“The other thing is staying in daylight early in the morning to fix your mood, warm your brain and help you sleep better,” she explains.

Learn the difference between snack and sweet treats

It is the advice of nutritionist Fiona Hunter who says that healthy snack gives your body protein, fibre, vitamins and minerals. Nuts are an excellent choice as well as yoghurt or fruit.

Become creative

Take a bottle of water and mark the levels of 200 ml, 400 ml, 600 ml, 800 ml and liter. Drink 200 ml every hour and until the evening you drink a magic eight glasses of water.

Limit watching TV

Try not to watch TV for more than two hours a day. Use the remaining time to read the book.