If you have many obligations, it is challenging for you to fit into the schedule of regular departures in the gym.

However, this should not prevent you from doing physical exercise because there are types of training that are very effective, though the last half an hour or less.

Coach Chad Driscoll has found that there are six of his favourite options, among which he prefers superset strengths and exercises with one piece of additional equipment.

“Most of my clients are professionals in the business world and are busy with parents who do not have two extra hours a day to spend them in the gym. They are a bit of a fast training, “he wrote with a graphic showing useful, fast-track exercises.

Apart from superstitious exercises and exercises along with a piece of extra equipment such as Gerry, weight or dumbbells, effective HIIT cardio training, sprint, half-day training, and circular power training are considered useful.

“It’s really enough for 30 to 45 minutes to make something effective for your body,” Driscoll said.