lose weight

With the years you become wiser, more aware of yourself and your options, but you probably wear more clothing. When you’re 40, your weight is getting harder.

Metabolism works slower and you will burn 300 calories less in the day than in the early twenties, says the American Exercise Council.

“In menopausal women, the level of estrogen drops, so you can become more sensitive to insulin, making it harder to keep blood sugar under control,” says Caroline Cederquist.

If you still decide to bring in shape, do not give up because this goal is difficult to accomplish, but it is still possible.

“Ask yourself why you want to lose weight right now”

Those who managed to lose weight after 40, had a clear reason why they did so. You may want to change your lifestyle habits or your doctor says your weight affects your health.

“You have to wake your mind and come to terms that you are ready to change. If that is not the case, nothing will happen, “Pamela Peeke’s physician warned.

“Remember the golden rules of weight loss”

Some things do not change with age. If you want to lose weight, you have to reduce the size of the portion, do not lose more than 400 grams a week, skipping the meal is not a smart idea because it sends a message to you to play it.

“Take care of nutritionists”

You should not avoid any group of foods. You must also eat protein, and carbohydrates, and healthy fat, as well as fruits and vegetables.

“Pay special attention to carbohydrates”

Even though you should not get them out of the diet, it is not good to overeat bread, pasta and sugar. Control your intake and eat more whole grains, legumes, fresh fruits and vegetables.

“Eat Frequent Less Meals”

Experts advise you eat a few calories a day, but larger volumes to fool your brain.

“Be careful with the sweet”

The bad news is that with years you need to be more cautious when it comes to sugar intake.

“If you can not eat just one cup of chocolate, do not even put it on,” Dr Cederquist says.

In other words, say goodbye to the food you can not eat in moderate amounts.

“Some women will be happy with up to 150 calories a day, and some will only have two or three times a week for sweets. Every person is different, “adds a doctor.

“Keep an eye on alcohol intake”

Alcohol is as sweet and you must not cross the border.

“Try to drink, if you have, low-calorie drinks. If you are on a diet, you can drink two to four glasses of wine a week. However, if you choose to have a glass of wine for dinner, skip the dessert, “says nutritionist Frances Largeman-Roth.

“You are moving more”

It is difficult to lose weight only by changing the diet regime, especially after the 40th when hormones like testosterone decline.

To get started you should be at least 30 minutes a day or try to make ten thousand steps.

“If you add strength training a few times a week, you will save muscle mass and burn more calories,” explains Largeman-Roth.

“Be honest with yourself”

Take care of yourself. If you notice that you are stagnating on weight, it is time to change your training.

“Changing the body is a real challenge, especially after the age of 40,” adds Largeman-Roth and advises women to be consistent and sincere to themselves because they can only achieve the desired goal.