IF you have trouble accumulating pounds in the area of ​​the abdomen, and you want to shape up your butt and feet, the hula-hup could help you.

“The hula-hump garden is very effective,” says Nadya Fairweather, a trainee instructor, and advises to invest in a hula-hup hoop.

You need to position it high on your hips while holding your legs apart.

“If you rotate hula-hup too slowly, the hoop will fall. Try to make intervals of three to five minutes five times a day. This will greatly boost your muscles, especially if you sit all day, “explains Fairweather.

The coach adds that you can try to spin hula-hup when you get used to it.

Nutritionist Shona Wilkinson advises that, at the same time, if you want to lose weight in your stomach, beware of nutrition. Sometimes you can afford a piece of dark chocolate, but choose one that has at least 75 percent of cocoa.

“Drink green tea every day to relax and reduce the level of cortisol, the hormone of stress, which is important for reducing fat,” adds Wilkinson.