HOW to track progress on the way to the desired shape of the body, many are regularly used. Dietitian Leanne Ward of Brisbane has decided to show that you can get the body in a better way if you dismiss weight.t.

Namely, her body has changed significantly and looks healthier in recent years, although she stopped standing on the scale.

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‼️ PLEASE READ ‼️SCREW THE SCALES 😆 When I was younger I’d always weight myself every morning after I got up. I used to think this was a representation of how healthy I was and how hard I had worked. Whatever number popped up was my ‘worth’ for the day. If the number was lower than the day before then I’d pat myself on the back and feel pretty damn good (even if I’d had a ‘slip up’ the day before). If the number on the scales was the same, or *gasp* higher than the previous day, I’d immediately promise myself I’d work harder as I was a failure! ✨ ✨ You know the funny thing about scales are that they don’t normally portray how hard we’ve actually worked. I remember days where I’d eaten ‘perfectly’ and spent extra time in the gym and the number was still higher. I also remember days where I’d skipped gym and eaten chocolate and yet the number was lower. It used to mess with my head so much and it always left me thinking I wasn’t good enough 😔 It took me YEARS to realise that my WORTH wasn’t determined by a number. My worth wasn’t determined by this tiny metal square which more often then not – was an inaccurate representation of my health. My lowest weight as an adult was also my most unhealthy weight 🤦🏻‍♀️ Humans don’t have a perfect weight and they certainty don’t have a ‘exact’ weight they’re suppose to stay at day in and day out. Our weight fluctuates daily depending on so many things! Why punish yourself by jumping on the scales every day when the number is always going to look different🤦🏻‍♀️ . . My tip is to use other measures of success such as body composition machines, a pair of jeans that are a little too tight or progress pictures (eg. Before & after). As you can see from mine – my highest weight is also my healthiest and fittest weight 🔥💪🏼 Ditch the scales & start living your best life without being held back by a silly little number on the scales❤️ If you want to join me on my brand new 12 week program (where you’ll learn to nourish & fuel your body + train to get lean)- head to @lovelivinglean to read more & sign up! 🎉 . . #ditchthescales #strongnotskinny #healthyliving #loveyourbody #girlsthatlift #comparisons #progresspic #bikinigirl

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“When I was younger, I practiced every morning. I thought it was telling me how healthy I was and how hard I worked. The number that would indicate was what my next day would be like. If it was less than the day before, it would feel great, and if it was the same or bigger, I would immediately promise that I will try harder because I failed, “Leanne revealed in her release.

Then she started to learn about food and nutrition, and she realized she had a wrong attitude all the time.

“I remember the days when I was nourishing perfectly and staying in the gym for longer, and the figure on the weighbridge was still the same. I remember the day when the same thing happened if I skipped the training, “she added.

It took her years to realize that her value was not determined by the number on the scale.

“My lowest weight in my life was at the same time the healthiest,” she admitted.

Today he realizes that there is no perfect weight because it depends on a lot of factors. Her advice is to measure progress by comparing photos before and after or tight jeans.

“We all have a pair of jeans in the wardrobe waiting to lose weight. Trying to track them, follow the progress, “she said, adding that the photo she published revealed her best and healthier with more pounds.

In addition to Leanne Ward, fitness blogger Kelsey Wells also tried to encourage women to stop weighing. She showed that she was in better shape since she got eight kilos thanks to regular exercise and healthy diet.