IF, after crazy night, you wake up dizzy, you must be careful what you will consume after hangover.

Some foods, but also beverages, may exacerbate the hangover. Fortunately, there are combinations that help your body recover faster and better.

A study published in the Journal of Proteome Research has provided a delicious solution for alcohol-induced nausea: the fried bread with the addition of nutmeg will help your liver to fight with toxins more easily.

Scientists have come to the conclusion that nutmeg can help to avoid damaging the liver due to the ability to restore healthy levels of various lipids in the body.

Therefore, although it may not be on your usual menu, include your own bread in your diet that is quickly and easily prepared.

Beat eggs, milk, salt and nutmeg, and then immerse the slices of bread in the mixture. Fry the bread on each side for about three minutes, and before serving, you can pour it with maple syrup containing 54 antioxidants, of which five are unique. This can help you healing hangover.

Bon Appetite!