WHAT diets are most effective is one of the most common questions on well-known Internet browsers.

Many inspirations for weight loss are found in famous names that are happy to reveal the secrets of their diet, exercise, and slim look.

The next child owes their popularity, among other things, to the famous stars who celebrated them.

1. Paleo diet

Actress Jessica Biel practices a paleo diet that is based on the craving of a cunt man, forbidding all the foods that were not available to our ancestors in the early Stone Age, such as dairy products, legumes, cereals, bread, flour, refined sugar and processed oils.

“I usually cook at home, usually fresh fish or chicken and vegetables,” said Biel.

2. Vegan Diet

Beyonce is a great fan of 22 days of the vegan program of Marcos Borges. Although not vegan, the singer was guided by the guidelines of this program during the preparations for appearing at Coachella.

“The advantages of a vegan diet are known. We should be more comfortable with what it means to take care of healthy choices when it comes to nutrition, “Beyonce said.

3. Atkinson Diet

Kim Kardashian settled 25 pounds in 11 months thanks to Atkinson’s diet in which flour, sugar and alcohol are banned.

“Everyone who has children knows how much the body is changing and how difficult it is to restore the body to the old form. There is a lot of determination on both mental and physical strength and energy, “says the reality star.

4. Alkaline diet

One of the lovers of an alkaline child is Victoria Beckham. The goal of such a child is to maintain a pH of blood ranging from 7.35 to 7.45, which is possible through the introduction of bulk foods.

Victoria’s diet includes fish, eggs, sushi, and blueberries.

5. Ancient cereals

To have energy, Angelina Jolie always has something to eat at her hand, which is stored from grains like quince, chia seeds and prose that are known since ancient times.

“Ancient cereals are daily in her diet. She claims to have her nutritional substances that are not present elsewhere, and her skin is shiny, “said a source close to the celebrity actress Marie Claire.