Trainers want you to know these three things, but they will never tell them


TRAINERS are motivators, teachers, and sometimes friends. Although you are screaming and pushing you to make 20 abdomen, there are some things you think, which you do not want to admit.

Coach Camilla Bazley shared three things that coaches told you, but they do not know how.

  • Do not say that you did not have time or forgot to eat

For Bazley, this is the worst justification.

“No one has time, but we can all do it. The thing is in the priorities. I encourage my clients to plan ahead. Set the target and then set the steps and do not negotiate, but get them, “advises Bazley.

  • Do not compare with others

A personal trainer says he is frustrated at how many people are compared on a daily basis with others.

“You are not them, you are not me. You have to try to be the best possible version of yourself. You have to understand that what suits a person will not necessarily be another, “she explained, adding that because of comparison with other people, they did not believe in themselves.

If you already have to compare someone, coach Bazley has the advice: “Compare with yourself a week, month or year. This is a real measure of change, growth and opportunities you have. “

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  • Only reserve yourself

As a professional, Bazley learned to recognize a lie. Sometimes customers do not have any change, and they claim to do everything they need.

“Have you really changed habits or just thinking about it? People sometimes pretend to admit they are cuddling or failing to abide by the plan and advice, and because of the feelings of guilt lie. At some point you will have to talk to yourself. The only thing that makes you sleep on the road to the goal is yourself, “he says.