SHOW that small changes make a big difference. That was proved by Rhian Allen, the founder of The Healthy Mummy, who shared photos of several seemingly identical food cuts, but which contain a significantly different amount of calories.

She photographed pasta, burgers and snacks to show why the amount of portions is a possible reason for not losing weight.

She explained that chicken squeezes with an attachment can contain 356 calories, and if you are not careful and 623.

“With a 200-gram chicken breast served with batat instead of potatoes, lemon sauce instead of yogurt, and breadcrumbs are homemade and not bought in the grocery store, and the meat is roasted on the spoon rather than the two oils,” Allen explained.

In the case of mushrooms and bacon pasta, she selected a plate with 328 and not 797 calories.

“In the second case, more pasta was cooked, more caloric cream, more bacon and oil were used,” she added.

Its advice is to prepare pizza on a pie dough instead of buying white flour, using dark, not milk chocolate in cakes and replacing yogurt with tofu in the preparation of a homemade ice cream.

“Maybe you think you’re preparing healthy meals, but weight changes. Choosing proper foods and quantities can significantly affect caloric intake without affecting the taste, “concluded Allen.