CONOR McGregor is ranked fourth in Forbes’ list of the hundreds of the richest athletes. This UFC star trained small legs and appeared on the cover of Men’s Health magazine. When it comes to health and fitness, McGregor had a handful of tips and shared the most important to fans.

1. Diversity is key

“People are holding routines they are doing the same thing over and over again. I want to be an expert on different fighting styles, new training methods, new ways of thinking, “McGregor said.

He believes that changing training and work on different muscle groups will help to develop greater strength. He also states that adhering to the same routine is boring every day.

“If you want your muscles to shine through your shirt, you must undergo stress. Stress and adequate recovery are a winning combination, “he said.

2. Learn when to stop

The results make a lot of obsession, especially when you start to notice the effects.

“I did not lose Diaz because of the skill but the endurance. The greatest strength and weakness are my work ethic. When I looked at the match against Diaz, I was tricked, “he said.

Excessive training can cause tiredness, injury and illness.

“Do not overdo it. Find the balance between muscle stress and recovery, “advises Sophie Whitehead, a sports therapist, and notes that after everyday struggles the body needs relaxation.

“Hydrate your body and eat healthy food. Help can also massage, “he says.

3. Take care of mobility

“We are the only animal that wakes and does not stretch,” McGregor said.

Brazilian scientists have even concluded that muscle stretching can make up to 15 percent more repetitions.

4. The body is the only tool you need

“I’m a machine, and machines do not use machines,” says McGregor.

It is based on data from a study published in Medicine and Science in Sport and Exercise, according to which 45-minute training with only the weight of your body increases your metabolic rate for up to 45 hours.

5. Do not complicate your diet

“Eat easy. I choose good quality meat, vegetables and healthy sources of carbohydrates such as sweet potatoes, “McGregor clarified.

McGregor says half of it is  nutrition. It is crucial to provide 30 percent calories from fat, 40 percent from carbohydrates and 30 percent from protein.

“Avoid greasy foods, drink plenty of water, and reduce sugar intake. Combined with exercise, you will have a killer muscle, “concluded McGregor.